Create a vision board for 2015.

How to Go Into 2015 Ready to Kick Booty

What has led to your success? I met two entrepreneurs on my recent travels around the U.S. I asked them the same question: What do you believe is the #1 thing that has led to your success? Surprisingly, they replied with the same answer: visualize your success. I thought for sure they would answer: investing […]

The 5 Must Have Parts of a Course Lesson

The 5 Parts of a Solid Course Lesson + Worksheet

My boyfriend and I are completely different when it comes to grocery shopping. A Lesson Learned from Grocery Shopping I’m a very structured shopper. I create a list of all the meals that I’ll have throughout the upcoming week. Then I’ll create a list of the ingredients and organize them by section. I know exactly […]

Thankful for you post

I’m TRULY Thankful for My Readers

This season is about gratitude. It’s about enjoying the relationships and the blessings that you have in your life. So, for this holiday season, I’d like to thank all of my blog readers. Thank you for inviting me into your inbox every week. Thank you for opening my newsletters. Thank you for sending me emails: […]


3 Changes Your Course Will Make

Would you believe I used to be a golfer? Yeah, right! I was never a golfer. Matter of fact, I really can’t stand golf. (Sorry to break it to you dad.) But, my dad tried to get me into golf. And, I mean really tried. I took a number of different lessons. In middle school, […]

This type of comparison is great.

The Type of Comparison That’s Good for Your Soul

Comparison is an ugly little beast.  There’s a lot of time and energy wasted, pondering what someone else is doing. What her website looks like. What type of program she’s launching. What blog topics she writes about. And, I’m learning that there’s only one type of comparison that I want to take part in. I’ve […]

Tech Tools for creating your online course.

20 Easy Peasy Tech Tools to Create Your E-Course

Can you can guess the #1 question I get about creating courses? “What technology do I need to run my course and create the content?” I’m going to answer that question, but first we need to start here.. There’s always this perception that you must put out the biggest, baddest course ever – one that glitters and […]