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3 Ways to Come Up With Your Next Brilliant Idea

I’m totally sure you’ve sat down in front of a computer screen with nothing to write. We’ve all been there. You know you’d like to write a post. You know there’s a product idea inside of you dying to get out. But, things just aren’t flowing. It’s a daunting task coming up with killer ideas when […]


2 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Boost Engagement in Your Courses and Workshops

When people sign up for my newsletter, I always ask them about the one thing they’re struggling with when it comes to creating digital products. I get tons of responses from: where to start, how to structure and organize content, and how how to get motivated to create a course or product. But, the number […]


Why Publishing Your Blog Post Isn’t Enough + 7 Tips to Get it Seen’ve spent all of this time writing your post, selecting the perfect image, and crafting a killer headline… There’s tons to do in a biz owner’s day. You click publish, sit back, and wait for the traffic to flow. Nada. Zilch. No engagement whatsoever. I totally get ya. The tough lesson I’ve learned is: […]


5 Ways to Sell Your Digital Product From Your Blog

So..there you are… pounding away at the computer. Fingers moving a mile a minute. You’re super jazzed about the digital product you’re making. You know this is going to be the bomb dot com. I mean everyone and their mama will love it. You created a cute photo. You included a catchy title. You then […]


5 Digital Products You Can Make and Sell From Your Blog

The idea for my business came from an unusual place. It came when I was standing in front of a room of 20 people giving a last minute talk about creating a course. There I was, standing with 40 eyeballs looking back at me… That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks to the head! […]

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4 Ways to Get Back on Track When Things Just Suck

What do you spend your time focusing on? Do you think about how behind you are? Or, do you think about how much progress you’ve made? Or, better yet, do you spend your time focusing on what’s in front of you — what’s already yours for the taking? Your thoughts and beliefs are powerful. As […]