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Yup, it’s Giveaway Time. Enter to Win a Course Planning Workbook.

Who Doesn’t Like a Wee Bit of Fun So, today’s post is all about having fun. Seriously! I’ve been cramped in my house typing like a mad woman so that I can unplug this weekend and do nothing but drink wine. (More on that next week.) Instead of our regular blog post, I’ve got a […]

Course Mistakes

Turn these 3 Course Mistakes Into Wins

We all want to avoid making mistakes. We want to avoid sounding awkward at a networking event. We want to avoid fumbling over our words when we’re talking to a new person. We even want to avoid food getting stuck in between our teeth. The same can be said about your course…. I know you want to […]

4 Ideas to Think About

4 Ideas to Think about BEFORE Creating Course Content

You plop down in front of a computer and ask yourself, “How do I start creating content for my course?” Here are your options: A.) Start typing like a mad woman at your computer (which usually ends up with you just staring at the screen). B.) Scour the Internet, researching the best technology tools to use to […]

The biggest lesson I learned from adopting a greyhound.

The Biggest Lesson I Learned from Adopting a Greyhound

You will never be 100% ready. I’ve trained and ran three full marathons. I was nervous as heck the night before all of them. I’m a member of Toastmasters and have spoken in front of countless people. Yet, I’m still nervous to stand in front of 5 or even 50 people. I’ve read countless dog […]

Should Ask About YOur Course

2 Questions You Should Ask About Your Course

My boyfriend and I are in the final stages of adopting our greyhound. We are adopting through an organization, and there have been lots of steps to take before actually getting the dog: a lengthy application, an in-depth home inspection (yes, even for a dog!), and some correctional steps we had to take (I guess our […]

Design Elements for your online course.

7 Easy Peasy Tech Tools to Design Your E-Course

Worksheets, headers, sales pages….oh my! There are quite a bit of design elements that go into creating an online course. I’ll be the first to admit to you that I have close to zero design skills. Trust should have seen my very first website. It looked like a pre-schooler got a hold of it. […]