4 Crazy-Effective Goal-Setting Tips to Use Right Now

Quick, what happens when you have a meeting in the morning?

You probably bounce out of bed like a woman on a mission and bust your butt to get there on time. (Who knew you could move so fast in the morning!?)

Gilroy Garlic Festival
But, what about those days when you don’t have anywhere to be? Your mornings are probably more leisurely — making time for breakfast, exercising, and taking a long shower.

Does that seem about accurate?

Isn’t it funny how an activity takes as much time as you give it? You can get ready in 30 minutes or just as easily get ready in 2 hours.

Last weekend, I was stuffing my mouth with loads of garlic bread at the Gilroy Garlic Festival when I realized that I had been dreaming of going to this event for over 3 years. This year, I was determined to go — ensuring that I did everything to make it possible to devour a load of garlic fries this summer.

And what about leaving my full-time job? I told everyone and their mama I was going to leave my job. December rolled around. February ambled by. April sauntered past. Time ticked away.

Talk and action are two different things. You can talk all you want about how you’re going to leave your job, visit that new restaurant, travel to exotic places, release your course, or start your online business.

But, it’s not until action meets desire that you’ll move closer to those dreams.

So, my question to you: What are you putting off? Is there something you’ve been saying that you’re going to do, but time keeps slipping by?

If it’s a burning desire you have, then it’s yours for the taking. But, you have to move on the taking part.

I made it to the Garlic Festival. I negotiated a modified work schedule. I finally decided to walk my talk. It took awhile before the light bulb went on. But, now it’s shining brightly.

Here are 4 tips to start taking action:

What Deadline?
As we all know, work expands to fill the time available. Again, I can get ready in 30 minutes or in 2 hours. This is code word for: your goals need a solid deadline.

Get specific because in January won’t cut it. Set a firm date to light a fire under your booty to get things done. If it weren’t for watching this video and setting that deadline, I would still be full-time at my job saying that I’ll make a change next month.

You Mean a Real Date?
I love deadlines! But, setting a deadline and meeting a deadline are two different things. Remember my mantra above: I’m leaving my job in October! I mean February. Just joking, what I really meant was March….

So, you need to make the deadline something that you HAVE to meet. Make it real. Put a price on it. Attach something to it that will force you to get it done.

  • Set a reward for finishing it. (I mean who doesn’t want a bowl filled with ice cream and a brand new outfit!)
  • Set a consequence for not finishing it. (Boo, guess you won’t go shopping after all.)
  • Ask someone to hold you accountable. (My boyfriend breathing down my back was a good motivator.)
  • Make a promise that you’ll have something done by a certain date.

Find a way to make your deadline something that’s not going to come and go for you!

It’s all in the Plan
Project_Task_List How will you achieve your goal? What will it look like when you’ve accomplished your dreams? You should write down step by step the actions you’ll need to take to achieve those goals. I didn’t wake up, snap my fingers, and suddenly start working part-time. I put a plan in place — I laid out what a perfect schedule would look like. I made a budget. I planned with my boyfriend.

Making a plan ensures you have all of the pieces in place and gives you those baby steps to move forward. Need a step-by-step action plan? Check out this free worksheet to get you started!

Be like Nike, Baby! Just Do It.
The most important thing for achieving goals and working towards your dreams is to take action. Hands down.
I used to think taking action meant doing this crazy off the wall work marathons. I used to think taking action meant doing loads of research.

Taking action means making time for important tasks that will move you forward. I had to say no to a lot of things. I missed a blog post here and there. I had to kindly ask the boyfriend to make dinner while I worked on my website. I found ways to make it happen. What in your life can you have someone else do? What can you say no to? What just doesn’t need to be done at all?

It takes a desire AND action to reach your goals. Are you ready to start taking action?

In the comments below, let us know what one goal you’ve been putting off and how you plan to achieve it?

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