5 Ways to Sell Your Digital Product From Your Blog

So..there you are… pounding away at the computer. Fingers moving a mile a minute. You’re super jazzed about the digital product you’re making. You know this is going to be the bomb dot com. I mean everyone and their mama will love it. You created a cute photo. You included a catchy title. You then […]


5 Digital Products You Can Make and Sell From Your Blog

The idea for my business came from an unusual place. It came when I was standing in front of a room of 20 people giving a last minute talk about creating a course. There I was, standing with 40 eyeballs looking back at me… That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks to the head! […]

get yourself back on track.

4 Ways to Get Back on Track When Things Just Suck

What do you spend your time focusing on? Do you think about how behind you are? Or, do you think about how much progress you’ve made? Or, better yet, do you spend your time focusing on what’s in front of you — what’s already yours for the taking? Your thoughts and beliefs are powerful. As […]

How to select a course topic that your readers will actually love and want

How to Select a Course Topic That Your Readers Will Actually Love & Want

Does Any of This Sound Familiar? “What if I spend all of this time creating my course and no one buys?” “How will I know if my content will be helpful for anyone?” “I have an idea for a course, but I just don’t know where to start.” Selecting the perfect course topic can be a […]

11 ways to create your course even while holding down a full-time job

11 Ways to Create Your Course Even While Holding Down a Full-time Job

(..and spending time with family, cooking, cleaning, and doing everything else that life throws your way!) Last month, I sent out an email asking readers what they wanted to hear more about on the blog! Guess what? The BIGGEST sticking point was time!! It seems like we all wish we had more time. It’s time […]


Is Your Course Too Overwhelming? (Here’s How to Find Out)

It’s road trip time!! Well, almost. Spending weeks cooped up in a vehicle with the boyfriend and dog sound like fun (until it’s not). Before we hop on this grand adventure, though, we decided to test things out by renting a Dodge Sprinter van for a 4 day camping trip. We wanted to see if […]