How to Create a 3D Ebook cover for your worksheets and course.

How to Create a 3D Ebook Cover

I’ve had several blog readers ask me how I create a 3D cover for my 5 Essential Elements opt-in offer and Ultimate Course Planning Workbook. So, if you have an opt-in offer, an ebook, a workbook, or even course materials and want to make them 3D, this video is for you! This tutorial will show […]

kick butt

The 5 Secrets to Creating a Kick-Butt Course Experience

When was the last time you did something that lit you up? An experience that inspired and energized you to do something more with your life? For me, that experience happened last month. It was a random Saturday. Our typical Saturdays include exercising, cleaning, going to my Toastmasters meeting, working, and then vegging out. Nothing […]

reclaiming time

4 Tips for Reclaiming Your Time

If Only I Had More Time “Time is what we want most, but we use worst.” (William Penn) Don’t you wish you had more time to do the things you loved? You’d start checking off the things on your neglected bucket list that hangs on your fridge. You’d eat healthier. You’d exercise and take long […]

How Self-Care & Unplugging Can Save Your Sanity

How Self-Care & Unplugging Can Save Your Sanity + Free Printable

You’ve probably been there. You’ve probably been at that point where you start questioning whether or not you want to continue moving forward with building a business. You begin to doubt whether you’re going to succeed. You begin to think about alternative options. It’s frustrating and overwhelming. You’re sprinting, yet going nowhere fast. I get it because I’ve […]

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Yup, it’s Giveaway Time. Enter to Win a Course Planning Workbook.

Who Doesn’t Like a Wee Bit of Fun So, today’s post is all about having fun. Seriously! I’ve been cramped in my house typing like a mad woman so that I can unplug this weekend and do nothing but drink wine. (More on that next week.) Instead of our regular blog post, I’ve got a […]

Course Mistakes

Turn these 3 Course Mistakes Into Wins

We all want to avoid making mistakes. We want to avoid sounding awkward at a networking event. We want to avoid fumbling over our words when we’re talking to a new person. We even want to avoid food getting stuck in between our teeth. The same can be said about your course…. I know you want to […]