4 Steps to Up Your Productivity Game + Worksheet

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Ever have one of those moments…

You’re staring at your computer, ready to start typing, but not exactly sure what you should be doing?

Use a Project Task List Folder

You’re posed and ready with your fingers at the keyboard waiting for inspiration to hit.

What pops into your mind when you plop down to start a project?

Do you spend massive amounts of time figuring out where or how to start?

We have a crap load of stuff going on.

Personally, I’m a daughter, sister, girlfriend, Project Manager, part-time business builder, Toastmaster, wine drinker, explorer, runner, volunteer, and an occasional Justin Bieber Fan (no judgement please! ;).

You, too, have multiple roles that you fill on any given day.

So, when it comes to being productive and getting stuff done, we have to be strategic with our time: sitting down, prepared to work.

Currently, I’m working on A Course That Counts, a step by step program to help  you design meaningful courses.

And, I was recently stuck wondering what I should do next.

If you’re going to get stuff done, you’ve got to work even without the inspirational strikes from the heavens.

In a loss, I adapted this Project Task List technique from Pat Flynn. Never again shall we sit in confusion!

A Project Task List is simple. For one project, create a checklist of all the steps you need to take in order to accomplish the project.

Click the image below to download your fillable worksheet. Follow these steps  and get movin’!


Step #1: What’s the Purpose?

Each individual worksheet should only serve the purpose of outlining only ONE project or task. You can have several different steps for each task, but only one project per worksheet. For example, I created five different worksheets for the five different modules of my course. I don’t have any mixing and mingling going on! What, you’re not working on a course right now? No, problem. Use the worksheet for your next opt-in offer, ebook, or updating your website. Whatever it is, one worksheet one project. Write the name of the task as well as the end date.

Step #2: It’s All In the Steps

This is where you break down your project into small, manageable pieces. Brainstorm and record all of the steps you need to take to accomplish the goal. Even if it’s a small and insignificant piece, it deserves your love and attention. And, you’ll be super proud of yourself for crossing a step off! It’s amazing to physically see the progress you’re making along the way. And, if you’re still struggling with what steps to take next on your course, let me know.  I’d be happy to help!

Step #3: Make It Work

After you’ve listed all of the steps, keep all of your checklists in a single area. I prefer a manila folder (See, I told you that I’m old school.). Keep the papers on your desktop, in the cloud, or in your work bag. Whenever you sit down to work, whip out your Project Task List and get moving, lady!

Step #4: Let’s Take Action

This comes down to personal preference. You can either do the steps in order or jump around. This is where I differ a little bit than Pat. You see, sometimes I have a block of 6 hours, sometimes it’s a block of 1 hour, and other times it’s 30 minutes. So, I tend to bounce around and work when I can. What’s important is you make it work for you — experiment. When you’re done, check off the steps and move on to the next one. Easy peasy right?

This has totally changed how I work because I no longer sit down at my computer, scratching my head, and wondering what the heck I’m supposed to be doing. I open my folder of projects and begin working, slowly checking off one step at a time. So, if you find yourself unsure what to do next, give this technique a shot!

It’s Your Turn: In the comments below, let us know your number one productivity tip!

And, if you know someone who needs a bit of help, use the buttons below to brighten their day.

(Folder image from Rapid E-Learning Blog.)

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