11 ways to create your course even while holding down a full-time job

11 Ways to Create Your Course Even While Holding Down a Full-time Job

(..and spending time with family, cooking, cleaning, and doing everything else that life throws your way!) Last month, I sent out an email asking readers what they wanted to hear more about on the blog! Guess what? The BIGGEST sticking point was time!! It seems like we all wish we had more time. It’s time […]


Is Your Course Too Overwhelming? (Here’s How to Find Out)

It’s road trip time!! Well, almost. Spending weeks cooped up in a vehicle with the boyfriend and dog sound like fun (until it’s not). Before we hop on this grand adventure, though, we decided to test things out by renting a Dodge Sprinter van for a 4 day camping trip. We wanted to see if […]

Time to kick booty for the rest of the year.

How to Kick Booty for the Next 6 Months

Seriously, it’s time to whip out those tennis shoes and kick some booty. Can you believe half of the year is already over?! I feel like it was JUST January. Recently, I’ve been spending time reflecting after being reminded by my friend Alaia that half the year has passed. My biggest question has been: Where am […]


10 Tips Everyone Designing Worksheets Should Use

So, you want to create a worksheet for your blog, course, or client? Maybe you’re asking yourself: How do I make it pretty? How do I make it actionable? How do I even make it? No worries, chica! I got you covered. Here are my top 10 tips for designing worksheets that everyone should use […]

Here's the secret to making your course engaging and doable.

Here’s the Secret to Making Your Course Engaging + Doable

It’s simple. The secret to creating an engaging course is to get students to take action. But, not just any type of action. The right action. The action that gets them to do something as it relates to the content you created. Ernest Hemingway said: “Never mistake motion for action.” Reading PDFS, watching videos, listening […]

Get off your computer and start networking.

3 Tips to Get Your Booty Offline + Networking

Networking used to terrify me. Seriously… I’d be that girl standing off to the corner by herself, pretending to text someone, and praying that I’d run into someone I knew. Up until a month ago, I stayed away from networking. I felt it was one of those things that other people could do well – but […]